Mother of the groom speech tips

groom's mother wedding speechFor mothers, the importance of giving great wedding speeches is great. A woman can never feel okay and fulfilled, especially if the speech she gives isn’t good enough. While some men might be more ignorant regarding such aspects of daily life, women are whole-heartedly there. This means that a woman will always want to choose the perfect words, to show her love and her feelings and to make her son feel that he is taken care of, loved and appreciated.

Of course, in order to write an amazing mother of the groom speech, you will need some helpful tips. It’s not that a mother wouldn’t have sufficient ideas, it’s just that some things are the same, and these are rules to apply for wedding speeches, including groom’s mother speeches and others too.

The rule of thumb – time is crucial

This part is very important and although it might seem uncomfortable and better to ignore, it’s not recommended at all to ignore any such aspect. Although at times you might want to speak for hours, in most of the cases it’s the worst possible idea to do that. Let us clarify why!

First of all, a wedding ceremony can be very lengthy. This happens especially in the cases when people – guests – feel great (and they should). So, in the first place, you must think about the guests. You won’t be the only person speaking and they will have to endure and to resist, so that they can patiently listen to 3,4 or even 10 speeches, depending on how your family decided to handle things.

Today it is no longer a limitation or a single rule as to how many people will speak – the only rule is that there are certain structural things, content aspects and some other aspects that can’t be changed. Among the unchangeable things, we mentioned time.

If you ever go longer than 5 minutes, the mother of the groom speech is no longer good. This means people will either find it boring, or they will simply believe you are disrespectful towards the guests and family members as well. Don’t try to overcome this aspect and don’t assume you know it better – it’s a fact and practical situations proved it to be right.

Keep the structure and be focused to not lose it!

The structure is important for any great mother of the groom speech. If you don’t have the right structure for your speech, you can’t expect to become successful with your message and overall speech attitude. The elements of structure are always important, as they define not only the content, but also the flow of your speech. If the speech would lack flow, there is no wonder people couldn’t appreciate it.

The introduction must introduce

You always begin with an introduction. This part is generally a very short one, but it is also a very important one. Remember school – if a teacher didn’t present the lesson interestingly, you were more than bored about everything. Now, the same always applies for the mother of the groom speeches too. If you miss the introduction or if your introduction’s quality isn’t professional enough, the guests you have invited will become bored and uninterested, even if the rest of the speech might be slightly more appealing.

Then, you can always drop in a joke or two, especially if they are good for the moment. Luckily, women don’t tend to exaggerate with the jokes in the same way that man sometimes do. So, I hope you already understand that not every joke is a good joke for this part.

Also, don’t think the introduction is a long book describing every family member and every part of the wedding organization. Come on, let’s face it – people came for the couple, not for the long stories.

You have your favorite part next – the groom is the central topic

After the speech introduction is done, you need to speak about the groom as much as possible, but not more than 2 minutes of time. While you might think or assume that 2 minutes won’t be exceeded, it’s an unfortunate fact that many women end up speaking 4 or even 5 minutes about their sons, and then the other parts of the speech are either missing or too short for anyone to understand.

Here, you need a good strategy and a lot of planning to make sure you came up with the right words about your son. If you choose the wrong words, then things will become difficult for you. Also, this is not the time to pour out every corner of your heart when thinking about your son. The idea is that you will need to talk about him in a positive light, but not too long. Ideally, this is as long as the part that focuses on the bride.

Generally, the best tip here is to shortly present his life before marriage – present his successes, and then focus on his relationship with your daughter-in-law and make sure their relationship is presented in a positive light. Yes, not every couple is perfect, but you need to make sure to leave out any negative aspect you remember. Let’s face it – a wedding is not made to argue and to discuss unpleasant topics. It is rather meant to join destinies and to make sure that the young couple will be able to live happily together after the day of this important ceremony.

If you have some emotions, control them, but don’t become a fake mother. If you drop a tear or two, it doesn’t mean you have failed the groom’s mother wedding speech. After all, any woman can have emotions, especially when letting his son go and knowing that her son will be held in the arms of another woman from now on.

Don’t forget the bride, even if this mistake is frequently done!

There are many instances of mother of the groom speeches, during which the bride is completely left out. These mothers don’t think about the fact that they need a good relationship with the brides. This is actually one of the frequent causing factors, a determining factor to future ruined relationships between family members.

I am focusing on this, because it is a very common mistake and everyone should make sure they don’t repeat it. After all, you will have grandchildren and even if you wouldn’t, you still need to avoid any future occurrences of hatred caused by such mishaps.

Sometimes, it is not easy to talk about the bride, although it should. If this is your case and if you know you can’t handle talking about her, out of numerous reasons, then what you should definitely do is that you should make sure that you will talk about the couple instead.

When talking about the couple, there can be delicate situations. For instance, you might feel like you have lost your words or that you are so overwhelmed with emotions that you cannot find the right expressions to truly say what you mean to. In such cases, panic is not a solution – you need to stay focused, relax and try to say things in the best possible way. You are not at Hollywood, so even something “amateur” would work perfectly!

Generally, when speaking about the couple, you need to focus on the story. While you are talking about their story, you should focus on saying how important it was for these lovebirds to meet and join destinies. It is almost certain that all family members and other guests will be looking forward to hear your short version of how your son met his bride and how they ended up taking their relationship to the ultimate level.

Here, you can also have some quotes or emotions expressed – it is okay if people find out that you are excited and don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Use some quotes

After you have talked in the body of the wedding speech (if we might say so) you can use quotes. I mean, it is not a problem if some words containing your general advices appear, but quotes somehow say the same things in a far better way. This is probably why so many people prefer quotes instead of just going in for their own words.

It is also important to choose every quote wisely. As you know, many quotes only speak in a metaphorical sense, so you need to make sure that the context of your speech and the content of your speech leave no room for second or third interpretation of the quote’s message.

These quotes can be found online or in some books of your choice. There is no such thing as the best place to find quotes for the mother of the groom speech. The “best” is highly relative to preferences, circumstances, and many other important factors.

Toast proposal to cheer them up!

You will need to close the speech structure with a toast proposal. You need to make sure that the proposal you are going to say is a high quality toast proposal, and not just one picked randomly. There are so many websites and books full of wedding speech toast proposal texts – don’t choose the first you read, make sure you read at least 50 before making up your mind.

Movies help you

Women always love movies, of course different genres. From the movies you watched, think about a few that could help you with ideas for your mother of the groom wedding speech. If you don’t know which one to choose, make sure to think in an open-minded way.

For example, there are many movies that don’t even talk about organizing a wedding. However, if these movies contain romance stories, family stories and general life situations, these could all bring up some fantastic ideas for the speeches.

After all, the internet is probably the top place for all people to choose wedding speech ideas from. If you watch some movies and pick up your own custom ideas from there, it is almost guaranteed that your idea wasn’t already used by thousands of other people. In a movie, you are also able to learn how to speak words in a way that their fingerprint is more elevated and in a way that the mark left by your words is one of importance. Actors always speak words of impact, according to the personality of their characters. This is also something you need to make sure of – speaking words of impact and importance, as the mother of the groom.

Meet your girlfriends and drink a tea, go for shopping, or head for other activities

Women like to meet the same way that men like to meet. There are many things in life that can be understood by women only, so you should call your girlfriends and meet with them. However, I am not talking about this because you should go out and gossip. This time, what you need to do is to tell them about your son and about your wedding speech text.

Even if not everyone is able to help or to come up with usable ideas, most of your friends will likely be able to give you some amazing ideas to help you with writing the speech text. Some ideas might seem “crazier” in some instances, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good.

It is also good to have your friends listen to you speaking. After all, the time of receiving critical opinions isn’t the time of the actual speech. You need to make sure that you have practiced long enough at home, thus being able to guarantee perfection as soon as the event comes.

Then, of course, you need to keep your heart and mind open and don’t assume that your friends are only blaming you and proving you how wrong you are. No! What actually happens is that women sometimes criticize each other to make sure they can provide each other with valuable ideas and tips to open up new ways to improve themselves. Such things are to be appreciated and you also need it, especially when preparing the mother of the groom speech. If you are the one to view your own speech, you will likely say that it’s perfect or you will likely say that it is never good enough. Well, none of these extreme opinions is true, so it is better to leave room for second and third opinions as well.

If you go for shopping or for other activities, you actually get some time to relax and renew your powers to prepare the final version of the speech. After all, in some cases, preparing a wedding speech while organizing dozens of other activities is something that can turn out to be very exhausting. There are not too many cases, when women can actually relax and say that the mother of the groom speech is so easy to complete.

Also, with all the stress going on, you need to make sure that you have time to relax instead of freaking out. When stress increases, you start losing focus and becoming unable to complete different daily tasks. Ask your girlfriends, have fun with them – it’s a great way to recreate your mind!

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