Mastering the Groom’s Father Speech Structure

To be able to master the structure of the groom’s father speech, only simple things are to be respected. Although those are all just basic, very simple things to keep and respect, many fathers fail to do that. In this article, we intend to discuss all the details to help you in mastering the real structure, the respectable and honorable structure of the father of the groom speech. If you follow our short guidelines, you will definitely have an easy time writing the speech. After all, it’s all about a few rules that one needs to look after and the rest is just logically, rationally to be concluded from these aspects.

Writing the introduction of the speech

father of the groom toastBefore jumping to the introduction and writing it, you must truly understand that if there is work to be done, it should be done with a beginning and a good conclusion, a successful result. A wedding speech, even the groom’s father wedding speech is a project, a work that has to be treated and handled accordingly. If you can’t finish the wedding speech due to lack of dedication, you shouldn’t complain about being a constant failure and bad time manager in life. Things are bound to each other and you need to manage your own free time to reach this point.

Also, it is up to you to make some life changing decisions. Even though the father of the groom speech is not very long, because you won’t speak for more than 4-5 or maximally 6 minutes, it is required to have the desired amount of dedication, free time and willing to handle it. Do you think it will write itself? Do you think someone else is going to write it for you?

The very first decision is leaving the illusion of tomorrow. If you always think of things that you can handle them correctly tomorrow, you might have serious issues. Generally, people do the tomorrow thing when they are too tired, too ignorant or when they simply want to ignore some of their current duties. Why enjoy today and then be double-frustrated tomorrow? Why not rather allocate some time today, some time tomorrow and then you are certain of having enough free time?

The above mentioned aspects are very important, because it’s the attitude you have with the speech editing and writing. With the correct attitude, you will definitely be able to write an amazing or more than amazing speech. However, the wrong attitudes will only enable you to be full of stress, anxiety and constant lack of time.

A speech introduction generally defines the mood, style and strength of the entire speech. This is why, if you listen to any person who is a speaker, you won’t be able to pay any attention until the end of the speech if their introduction failed to capture your maximal attention. It’s that simple. It’s not just enough to capture half of the guests’ attention. Would your son be happy with half of a marriage? Or with half of menus and organizing, and music? You need to make sure to provide everything, without any missing parts! After all, it is important that we learn to give before expecting to receive. I mean how could you possibly expect the bride and your son to come and visit you after the wedding, if you didn’t commit yourself to helping them, asking them about certain things and giving a memorable speech?

Then, if it’s not for the family, think about the guests who come. Maybe there are people who you’d want to befriend, but they will leave with a wrong impression if you were ignorant or not on time with all of your duties. So, it is better to make sure that even a small (at least apparently small) detail such as the introduction for your father of the groom wedding speech is written with a level of dedication high enough for everyone to remain more than impressed and happy with all of what you’ve done. If this is not your current attitude, you will probably face so many difficulties in the next days and weeks.

Also, it is good to have some jokes, especially if you know that some of the family members or even guests will be able to honor and appreciate the jokes you’ve made. Make sure the jokes are good and they are for weddings. Don’t start off with the latest internet joke you’ve read last night, because it might be completely out of the context and the message of the wedding event. All you should do is make sure that everything is within acceptable limits and doesn’t offend anyone.

The next part will ask you to speak for your son

This is probably the favorite part of every groom’s father speech. You will be required to talk about the groom, who is your son. What can honor a father more, than talking about his own son in front of a good crowd of family members and friends?

But beware that this is also a trap for many fathers. You see, without noticing, you might end up honoring yourself and your credits, and your wife’s and disregard today’s event. Such things already happened at many weddings unfortunately, and the results were fights, frustration, hatred and similar situations. You wouldn’t want these issues with your son’s wedding, would you?

So, it is a lot better to talk about him. The best way to approach this part is that you begin with a story, a short version story of his life. Of course, you should focus on mentioning great parts, parts to reflect his good character and success in life. If you don’t do that, it’s quite impossible to say these parts accordingly.

Then, it is also great to mention the moment of your son’s life, when he actually met his current wife. Try to tell things in a funny and cute way, so that you leave people’s hearts amazed and awed by the beautiful story of how two real soul mates once met. You should also tell people that your son is a perfect match with the lady of his dreams. It will surely make people happy and the couple will also feel honored and respected. These things are very important and significant, and it is quite often that some people don’t respect these parts. Don’t make the same mistake! Build a great relationship with your son, a relationship that can last even after he has already moved out of your house.

During the part that speaks about your son, try to make sure to never exceed two minutes. Even if you have some new thoughts, new ideas, it doesn’t matter. The only exception to this rule is when you are certain that you can talk that much about the bride too and that people will listen to a longer speech than five minutes. I must warn you: in most cases, people will lose their patience and they won’t be happy about listening to more than that amount of time!

It is equally important that you mention and highlight the best of your son’s personality. If you don’t know him enough, it’s a big problem, because then it’s not possible for you to show others how good of a man he actually is. I hope this is not your case!

Talking about the bride

It is then important to allocate the same amount of time to the bride. Yes, I guess it is not as easy to talk about her as it was to talk about your son, but I am sure that it is easy to be handled. Just commit yourself to this goal and make sure that you have correctly managed these issues. After all, if you are prepared in advance then nothing can ever become hard.

Be advised that talking about the bride also needs you to know her well enough. If you didn’t have enough encounters with her, it’s better to ask your son, your wife and other people who have known her for ages. Then, you can easily move forward and talk about your son’s beloved wife in the way that people will expect you to.

If you gave 2 minutes for your son, give 2 minutes for his wife. It’s very simple and then they won’t feel disrespected. You can mention another perspective of their love story in this part of the speech, elevating the way she was there for him and the way they were meant for each other.

It is also good to tell people about the decision – how these lovebirds decided to unite their destinies for good, officially. People will be captured and not bored, and you will also show them that you were present with heart and soul and you have witnessed the great moment that was happening inside your family.

Fatherly advices in the speech

A father of the groom speech should also include some advices. However, people won’t expect this part of the speech to be lengthy. They would rather expect a maximum of ten sentences, in which you can quickly describe how marriage should be and what it means to truly love each other.

Many fathers disrespect this part and speak for like 10 minutes about their wisdom. Trust me: that is lame and is not needed, especially not during the wedding!

Toast proposal

The end of the father of the groom speech should be the toast proposal. You can find great texts online and you can make sure that you will use a proposal text that is personalized by you and is suitable for the youngsters.

There are books on toast proposals too. Where to find the best books? I would probably recommend checking on Amazon. After all, it’s the website for you that provides real user reviews and they have an amazing variety of products. You can probably even check the table of contents, so that you will know what the book is about and what the real perspective of the book is.

If this is not suitable, some personal websites offer electronic books for sale. They are generally cheap and good, or at least they worth a try!

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