Hints for the Father of the Groom Wedding Speech

When you are prepared or unprepared for giving your father of the groom wedding speech, some hints will be really helpful to assist you and push you forward to success. Not everyone succeeds with such an important presentation. Some people find it very easy and they can do it quickly, while others have a very hard time with it. Regardless of your case, no matter what it is in your case – make sure you will read these hints and use any of them to your own liking.

You might consider some father-son time when possible

wedding toastsSpending more time with your son is something you can do and something that won’t cause any harm. Actually, it’s so good if you can call him for a game, to watch a game or why not, play basketball or golf with you. The activity you are going to have with your son is entirely up to your decision. Then, while spending the time with him, you can ask him if he needs any suggestions, money or whatever else he needs. If you see your son is nervous or doesn’t want to talk about it then you shouldn’t force him. If you push the note things might go really wrong.

Then, you can ask him general things like how he’s doing, how is his job, his wife-to-be. Whatever you ask him, make sure you show him you’re not obliging him to answer and that he can count on you no matter what. Also, if you are good in observing things, then you will soon notice some of the stuff your son likes currently. Just because you raised him and he’s your son doesn’t necessarily mean that you know what’s going on with him now and what he’s going through in life. These moments are very helpful and you will learn a lot of things that are going to be useful when you get to present the father of the groom speech.

Ask your wife about what she intends to say

It is important to communicate with your wife. It would be embarrassing to have the same thoughts and ideas in the mother of the groom speech and then in the groom’s father wedding speech too. If you do that, it’s easier, because you will know what your wife considered to say. By that, she will get some ideas from you and then you will get some ideas from her. Such a manner of exchanging ideas is favorable, because you get new tips and then you don’t repeat yourself within the speech and your wife doesn’t repeat herself either.

Know the time and know it well

You need to understand and you need to know that the timing of your father of the groom speech is very important. If you’re not able to respect the time of the speech, then you’ll have a very hard time because people won’t even be able to listen to you due to boredom.

Firstly, you need to have a prepared version of the wedding speech text. It’s not a problem if you don’t have the very final version, but any version that is close enough to it will do the trick. You simply look at your watch and start reading the speech in the tone you intend to say it, with the speed you intend to use. As soon as you’re done you can check the time and realize whether the length is good, too short or too long. If the length is not the optimal one, you need to adjust the speech text and make sure you fit the time.

There are several different opinions about the good length for a wedding speech. Some people recommend the 10 minute frame, while others say 2-3 minutes will do. What I intend to say is that depends and all of them are correct. For some speeches, 10 minutes are okay, while for others even 5 minutes are too much. What determines the length? The type of your message, firstly, will determine the length. If you want to speak about important things that are of major interest among the guests and family members, then you can go for a longer speech. If you only want to keep it short while making sure you have respected your son and the bride too, then you will keep it around 2 or 3 minutes. The essence is that people should be able to appreciate your message and listen to it. In other words, you need to make sure that whatever you are about to say will be fine for everyone and then nobody will feel like it’s too long or boring.

Be open-minded with the groom’s father speech

A good father of the groom wedding speech is written by a father who has learned the lesson of being open-minded. If you know how to think well, out of the box, then you can definitely approach an interesting speech. As a first idea, never repeat the things others already said. I mean if you find some wedding speech examples in books or on the internet, those are only meant for you to have your own ideas and write a speech yourself. It is not much of a deal to write one – you just need creativity.

Also, just because it’s the father of the groom speech it doesn’t mean it can’t be cool and awesome for any listener. If you have a style of thinking that is similar to the mentality of young people, it’s not a problem. It’s even better, because then you will find out that everyone enjoyed hearing your speech.

Watch movies for the sake of inspiration

You can take some time to watch some movies. Comedy movies, romantic movies, romantic comedies – these are all great genres to make a selection from. How will movies ever help you in your problems? The fact is that every movie will present different personalities. Some of the movies are truly reality-based, because the types of people represented by our favorite actors are people who we meet every day. In other words, the movie-based representation of society is sometimes more than shockingly real. This is why, when thinking about the father of the groom speech, you can make use of some inspiration from such sources. It doesn’t mean you need to repeat the words of your movie characters or their actions, but it means you can follow them, observe what they do right and wrong and then be inspire for the wedding speech.

Learn by observing

During the wedding speech time, you might find yourself not being the first one to speak. After all, there are no golden rules that are respected concerning the order of the speakers. What I try to encourage is speaking with the couple in advance. If they tell you when you speak and who goes before and after you, you will already know what to observe. If you’re the first speaker it’s definitely a bit harder. The good approach in that case is observing how people interact, how they speak, how they talk before the speeches begin. From there you will easily know what they expect, what they’d like to hear and what would make them feel like “no, I don’t care”.

If you’re not the first person speaking, it’s even better. For example, you might hear 2-3 people speaking before you begin. Then if you hear things similar to the ones you’ve prepared for your speech, you can know that those are the things to be changed. Furthermore, you will have some time to change those ideas (you don’t need paper to do that) and you will also have time to begin referring to their speeches and tell everyone that you agreed and that you liked the ideas you heard. Guests and family members will appreciate that you’ve paid a lot of attention, and they will keep their focus on your speech. If you don’t reflect on the previous speeches, I don’t necessarily say that people will ignore you. Still, it’s somehow a proof that you only cared about your own speech.

Try including a short projected presentation

There are many people to speak – these are wedding speeches – but still there are too few of the people who are truly innovative. Why not prepare your speech in a unique way and make sure you can even include a PowerPoint presentation at some point? Obviously, that presentation must not be with pictures from the past showing your son’s ex-girls. Trust me, people would find it shocking and you would embarrass him. What you can do, for example, are a few pictures with your past as a family (beautiful ones) and then more pictures with the newlyweds in their cutest moments. People will adore the fact that they are able to see these pictures and rejoice.

Of course, organizing such a presentation is not necessarily simple. You need to make sure about the equipment in advance and you need a bit of help to make sure that your son and the bride doesn’t know it, at least until you begin speaking. You also need a rehearsal, just to make sure that you’re on the right track, to make sure about the right angle for the projector and similar technical details.

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