Groom’s Mother Wedding Speech Ideas

While it is apparently a shocking title, it is indeed the simplest thing to do for a mother to hold a mother of the groom speech. Well, of course, this doesn’t mean there are no rules or no things to prepare for. These things do exist, you need preparation, you need to handle certain matters but in just a few thoughts, you won’t even notice how simply you have managed to complete with your speech’s writing.

You are his mother

Before you would ever accept a fake impression such as it is complicated or not as simple as we say here, remember that it is your son. Good and bad things being said – those need to be left behind when the wedding comes and when you’re about to give your long awaited groom’s mother wedding speech. Also, there are many advantages to being his mother.

No hard feelings

Now seriously, no hard feelings! This means you don’t have to every worry about mistaking with your speech. No mother is perfect and probably too few people were trained professionally to hold wedding speeches. It’s just something you do a couple of times – depending on how many children you have – and then you are over with it. Of course, this doesn’t mean a lame speech is acceptable – being his mother also means you want to give the best speech as to your knowledge, making sure that he is happy that you spoke in the first place.

So many details are known

Being a mother also comes with the obvious advantage that you know so many details about him. Maybe the same isn’t valid for the bride, but you can always find out if you truly want to. Since you already know so many things, it only gets easier for you to create an amazing piece of mother of the groom speech. You know the story of his life, his best abilities, his best sides as a human being – all the values he has in this life can be properly promoted by you during the speech, since you gave birth to him, you know all of his frustrations and reasons for happiness as well.

The plenitude of details also enables you to be rested and relaxed while writing the speech. The only thing stress will help you with is to feel bad and to be nervous all the time, and possibly hurt other people just because you lost control over yourself and over your current situation. Instead of that, you can enjoy every day, help with preparing the wedding and meanwhile edit the most amazing groom’s mother speech of all time, for your son and make sure he is one happy groom with his wife on their wedding day.

You are a woman

Yes, might sound funny as a reason for why holding your mother of the groom speech is the simplest thing to do, but it is a true thing. While there are men who need to prepare their wedding speeches as best men, as fathers of the brides and grooms out there, they always have difficulties. This is true, because men don’t have that sensibility of knowing how to speak and touch people’s hearts at such events. These things are mainly known and practiced by women, because they have sensitive hearts and souls, understanding these aspects of life easily.

Then, another advantage is that generally women read books. If you are one of these women yourself, then you will know how to deal with many of the tasks. By reading books, you develop a rich vocabulary and you gain more wisdom. Noticeable or not, these things are there as long as you read more books. Obviously, all of these helpers will come to the front side and allow you to enjoy things to the fullest and to make sure you deliver the best, the most amazing ever mother of the groom speech.

Knowing many books also helps with the quotes you would include in the speech. By using quality quotes, you can easily consider that part of your presentation complete. After all, each wedding speech is a presentation, because it’s not enough to just read or to just say words, it counts for you to live those words and make sure people live them through you. However, such things aren’t as hard for women as they are for men.

Generally, women tend to be more serious than men. Men tend to fool around, even if they already have grown up and married children. However, women meet women and they talk about real issues of life, marriage, love, happiness, saving money and many other things. From these things, without ever noticing you had some investment or effort, you have gained something good and namely the knowledge of these life aspects, which are important for every human to be known.

Also, it is easier for a mother to tell a welcoming text. Welcoming texts or introductions are very important in any wedding speech, including the mother of the groom speech. However, being a woman enables you to simply jump over it, because you will complete this part in a very short time. The same applies for your toast proposal text. Proposing a toast for the newlyweds is not a hard thing, and if you have the heart of a mother – which you do – then it is simple to propose it and to make sure that everyone is happy to hear and to raise glasses for them.

Women’s magazines

Well, if you are reading this article, then you can’t truly convince me that you are a woman who never read women’s magazines. That’s like impossible, because women can’t truly go on without those magazines – they need to feel connected to the world through those. Of course, many of these magazines are also read by men, due to the fact that the texts, the articles appearing are so amazing and have many good things to say.

Having that said, you know what I mean. From women’s magazines, you can get a whole lot of great ideas, among which you also get mother of the groom speech ideas, “thank you” ideas, education ideas and many others throughout the years. Obviously, today you need to remember every one of the ideas, which were linked to wedding speeches and use that for the benefit of your son’s wedding.

Then, these magazines often include articles about several aspects of psychology. If you didn’t throw them out yet, read those again! If you did throw them out but remember, try to make the connections between the things mentioned there and the speech you are just preparing – they have some connections and similarities, right?

Paper and pen

For obvious or not so obvious reasons, men often don’t like to use as much paper and pen as women. Women end to note things, to note experiences and everything, while men think it is enough to remember or to try remembering.

The paper and pen style is just what you need for a perfect mother of the groom wedding speech text. If you write a first draft version and keep on writing, making sure you go to further levels in editing your speech, then you will definitely come up with something great in the end. After all, the final result must be a wedding speech, which has corrected parts. This means you have the right structure, the right length and the right words to say. Obviously, these things don’t happen in 5 minutes, but they do happen easily in a couple of weeks. If you are more inspired and more determined, having a serious amount of free time at hand, then you will easily go through these things with success. It is never a problem to write more draft versions, which will ultimately lead you to what you wanted.

It is also a good thing to carry a notebook with you, making sure that there is some place to write your new ideas. If you have it at hand every day, you might be shopping and boom – idea just hits you. Then all you do is note it down, so that as soon as you’re home, you can simply enjoy and benefit from it.


While women are amazingly good friends with mirrors, they probably have no idea how much a mirror can benefit the mother of the groom speech. When you are giving your speech, you must already be trained and prepared for it. Preparing the text itself is one thing, and it definitely needs some time, but then preparing the way you present the speech is another thing.

A mirror is exactly of most help when you are preparing the presentation. It makes a difference and it always matters how you choose to present your mother of the groom speech. You need to watch the way your body moves, you need to watch your voice and many other things. Women have a great understanding of what goes well and what is lame, even if it’s a wedding speech we’re talking about.

Best friends forever(y marriage in the family)

You often told someone when you were younger that “we’ll be best friends forever”. Fortunately, many of these friendships live long, even after decades, even after life has brought thousands of changes in your lives. This is why you can still count on your best friends, in fact you can count on them for every marriage in the family.

While you might get many things right, you can’t get them all right. In many cases, this is exactly what friends are for. They can tell you about their own ideas, experiences, thoughts and whatever else they think would help you when preparing the wedding. Listening to their advices is only good, because it will help the quality of the speech you are about to give.

Also, your friends will notice mistakes you have never been able to see for yourself. This is good, because we need to have our eyes opened many times, in many cases in this life. By denial we might always say something like “I’ve got it” or “I’m good”, but a friendly advice clears dozens of other things for us. The best thing about it is that you can actually get to practice your speech with your friends. Just tell them you want to practice, and ask them to pretend they are your guests at the wedding. Once that is done, pretend you are holding the final speech and pretend you are at the wedding. Then, your friends will be able to tell you about how good your presentation was or what they noticed to be mistakes. Then, together with them, you can correct everything and it’s the best thing to correct this way and not find out that people at the wedding began talking behind your back just because you didn’t handle the speech as they expected you to.

Respecting the structure of the mother of the groom speech

It is not a complicated thing to respect the structure of a mother of the groom speech. You need to know how the structure is, what things you are supposed to say in each part and then you are ready to respect it. Let us discuss these structural elements in details, so that you know how to handle things.

The intro of the speech

To have things clearly laid out, the introduction is the simplest part. However, you need to respect a couple of guidelines here. Don’t expect people to know you are the mother of the groom and make sure the introduction is super amazing and exciting. If you can’t do that, people won’t be able to relate with your speech, they won’t be able to pay as much attention as they should, because they will be focused on other things. Another thing is that it is good to use jokes, at least some of them. However, this doesn’t mean you can use any amount of jokes – using too many will only harm the quality of the speech.

While it is not a rule, it is a strong recommendation to thank some people, to thank those who invested into this event, because their contribution meant a lot.

Talking about your son

I am sure that this is your favorite part, because it is actually what you wanted to have within the wedding speech. Of course, this is yet another possibility to do really well or to mistake on many levels. However, mistaking is only possible if you have the intention of mistaking. In other words, it is only wrong to talk too much or to not say the right things.

For example, at some weddings, some speakers begin telling about embarrassing things, such as when the groom lost his virginity and how many ex-girlfriends he had. These things are never to be mentioned during or after a wedding! It’s up to your son and his wife to discuss these things privately if they want to.

Another example is that some people start saying a loud version of a CV for their sons. This is not a job interview, so his CV is unnecessary – however, it is necessary to say how kind he is, how helpful he is and things like that.

Talking about the bride

This part is similar to the one about your son. If you talk positively about your son, it naturally means you can and should talk positively about your daughter-in-law. After all, you are now family and will meet quite often after the wedding. This of course doesn’t mean you need to take any attitude, which proves her that you are above her in some ways. It is unnecessary – the more you elevate it, the more people laugh and consider the opposite. Leave it to them to act accordingly.

It’s a good idea to talk about the bride, if you want, in relation to your son. Like how they are as a couple, what amazing plans they have made together and other things like that. These aspects are of general interest and good for everyone to hear. However, it is even better if you know the bride well enough to be able to talk about her, like what were her dreams, how these dreams were fulfilled by your son and what are her main positive characteristics.

The quote-wisdom section

Here you can have a creative combination between quotes and wisdom shared in words, or you can simply decide to go with a single version: either quotes or wisdom. No matter what you choose in your final decision, please make sure it is something that goes for the wedding. You can’t just randomly pick a quote and say it happily in front of family and friends – that will never work. However, a targeted and wisely selected one always does.

Proposing the groom’s mother toast – cheers!

This part is the favorite, because people get to drink champagne to honor the young couple. You just need a quick but amazing text, a line, which will determine people to raise glasses. Obviously, with these lines you express your best wedding wishes!

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