Father of the Groom Toast

It is expected that the father should always have a few words to add at his son’s wedding, but this is not always is as easy as it seems. For this, you’ll need some serious dose of courage, some originality on what you are going to wrap the whole content and how you are going to end it.

Before the actual toast that ends the father of the groom speech, you’ll need to start with the preparation phase. It all begins a few weeks earlier, before the planned event, where you are doing the actual writing. As father, a really good and great motivation for your father of the groom toast as well as for your speech should be the memories that link your relationship with your son.

A good story will really end the night in a great way and will show how great it is to really see your son as happy as a person can be. Do not hesitate to add some classic humor in your speech, because that way all the audience will have a laugh about it.

Your toast should be like the cherry on the top of the cake. Every word counts so choose your words wisely. You can start your toast after you’ve encouraged everyone to be a partner in this event. I’m sure that there are many people who came especially for the groom or for the bride and their families as well as co-workers and lots of relatives who have travelled from a long distance.

So, feelings and emotions must have succeeded to squeeze in and make room, and your toast should be one of the great wishes and of a happy life. You can choose some memorable facts from your marriage to end this, or use a quote that has governed your entire life, or an advice. There are many new and interesting ideas for a groom’s father toast, but the truth lies in the words that you reveal to the audience.

Usually, in the end, the father of the groom toast involves rising your glasses, congratulating the couple for their choice and taking a large sip. But there can’t be a toast without first having an amazing speech, because these two are linked together.

As mentioned earlier, your preparation should start earlier, this involving the writing your speech, including the toast and in the end practicing. Feel free to use any of the earlier experiences, if you had one before, ask for your family advices or your friends and let the words flow out of your heart in a natural way.

Avoid feeling that you are not suited or equipped to hold a speech, because you won’t find out what lies inside of you until you try. Do not compare yourself with those brilliant minds of the famous writers, since you are not one. But what you can do is to start with a positive attitude towards your work and with the goal that you are a father and it is an important day for you as well. So, give the best that you have inside, and let your son know what you are feeling about this event.

A brilliant mind produces masterpieces many times in a quiet place, so choose your favorite spot where no one intervenes and you can start writing and editing afterwards. You can take a recorder with you or any other device that will help you record your ideas.

If you do not have ideas, you can clearly inspire from online articles or books, but keep in mind that all of your speech and your toast have to be authentic. After all, you are writing from the heart. After you’ve done with the writing part before you edit, you can ask for a sincere opinion from your family or close friends about it.

The next step is the practice part. Here you’ll have to keep in mind and stay focused on the audience and not on your notes. It is for the best to establish a contact with the public and make them feel important as well. Timing is another issue that many will fall for, the speech and the toast will have to be concise and structured, well organized and full of emotions. Using a simple context is the best way to proceed. Since you might become overwhelmed with feelings, having a simple toast combined with the speech will help you a lot to not begin stuttering.

Yet another thing when you are holding your toast is not to speak too slowly, or too quickly. Adjust the tone of your voice according to the subject that you choose to present. Since timing is everything, try to keep it all short: speak only for two or three minutes and by any means avoid the trap of those five minutes where you can influence the people present in a bad manner.

The first and the last few seconds make the difference. In the beginning of your groom’s father wedding speech, you’ll start with a short introduction of letting everyone know that you are the father of the groom, followed by sincere thanks in appreciation for the audience. It is important to thank people, because they made some time to arrive here today on this important day.

Since a speech needs an introduction part, a middle one and an ending, after you’re done with the part of transmitting regards to all present here, you can get to the core of this beautiful event. Start with the groom by telling him how you appreciate him, and give a few reasons why he would be such a great husband. You can pull out the ace and stay connected not only with him, but address your memories together to the audience, because that way your words will have impact and you’ll make them follow you.

You can add some humor as well, but make it in an informal way not as formal as in meetings, but decently, as you don’t want to ruin your son’s image. I’m sure that even if at the wedding different people of various age groups will be present, you’ll see a laughter with the right words spiced with some right humor.

Next, since you’ve already aimed one of the partners, you can address a few words to the bride as well. Make her feel like she belongs to your family and let her feel like she has gained a place in it. You can also mention that at times you were with her and your son, you saw how greatly she influenced your son to become a better person. You’ll draw not only their appreciation as a couple, but also the appreciation and respect of her family as well, not to mention the impact you will have on the audience.

The ending stands for the few important seconds where you ask the audience to raise their glasses, for the father of the groom toast. In this part, you can add some expressive words. For example, you can tell a story that has a parable in which everyone will remain with something, or you can quote from the couple’s favorite song that usually has to be suited to describe their relation or use a wish quote that has changed your life for the best and now you wish them the same. A happy marriage is built also by the appreciations of someone who believes in you.

Try to do this in a natural manner, to avoid speaking slowly or having an inappropriate posture. The posture and the body language that you are using will influence the way the toast will end a lot. Avoid fixing your glance at someone, because this might seem and look awkward for that person. You should rather look at the public and make the public feel involved to toast as well. Motivate the people with your words to wish them the best years in their new marriage, and a long lasting love that will change everything into easier situations, even in hard times.

With the father of the groom toast addressed to the newly married couple, people might feel a deep connection with the words spoken and they might have made a change in their lives, leaving with a drop more of knowledge from the life experiences that you’ve been through as a father. Do not forget to keep your hand around your body and to avoid too much gesticulation or random gestures. A natural posture will calm the audience and will define you as a serene and confident person who knows what he is doing and at the same time is not afraid to let other know what he is feeling.

The practice part at home will help you improve your style and your posture and you’ll overcome those flowing emotions that can sometimes bring some massive damage. You can ask your family, back at home before the actual event, to play the role of the audience at your son’s wedding. Do not hesitate to take a glass of wine or champagne with you to make it look more authentic.

Through this exercise you’ll have practiced and improved your speech and toast presentation at the same time, gaining confidence in front of a public and some great improvement advices. As a father, you’ll feel secure and confident that you already memorized your speech and you’ll speak from your heart.

A successful speech will always open the ways for a great ending, and an impressive father of the groom toast, so do not hesitate to be part of this happiness!

father of the groom toast